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Introduction - 3D Printing for the Tabletop - 9/26/2019

Hey there!

My name is David, owner of Goblin Clan Miniatures.  I am here to introduce our new blog and discuss what we're all about! 

It all began over a year ago when a friend of mine suggested that I could potentially use 3D Printing to produce minis for my game.  I am our group's Dungeon Master, and the popular injection-molded brands out there left a lot of room to be desired as far as what monster minis and terrain were available on the market.

My First 3D Printer - Monoprice Select Mini

What happened next?

I purchased my first 3D Printer not long after, and it immediately blew my mind!  I was able to take free available designs for personal use, from sites like and, and through sheer dedication and patience I produced a miniature that fit my needs!

Our party's first 3D Printed miniatures - Files found on

Then what?

It didn't take long for me to get to a point of consistency and I felt like this could be a career one day.  I felt like I could empower other people with 3D Printing, and before long Goblin Clan Miniatures was born!  At first it started out as a prototyping company.  I also printed-on-demand popular items I found online.  Dungeons and Dragons kept calling me, and as time went by, it made more and more sense to move my company in the tabletop direction, because that's where it all started.  It took time for me to find the right products, and to get the quality where it needed to be.  I first ran into Fat Dragon Games.  Their website,, was very helpful, and their files were reasonably priced.  I also LOVED their designs!  I quickly became a Licensed Printer, and began pumping out their sets on Etsy!

Our first release of the Skeleton Horde from Fat Dragon Games

Our first release of the Lizardfolk Warriors from Fat Dragon Games

Our Logo

And now?

Today, as of 9/26/2019, we have around 30 products with dozens more on the way, and are a Licensed Printer for around 7 designers. Some of our designers are unmentioned due to us still being in the prototyping and discovery phase.  We've expanded out from our Etsy Shop to our own website,, and our eBay shop.  Etsy is currently on hold, and eBay has limited availability, as our hearts lie with our home website, where we can freely express our brand in ways that marketplaces do not allow.  We've grown from 2 printers, to 12.  Both of our spare bedrooms are our work spaces, full of 3D Printers running 24/7/365, and we live and breathe this company.  We have family members helping us almost every day pack orders, and our order volume has grown so high that we're having to pull back on Etsy and eBay to compensate so that the wait time remains realistic.  My wife Brandi has also been able to quit her full time job and now handles our orders as they come in.  We couldn't be more blessed!

In conclusion...

This blog will be dedicated to stepping up YOUR game, because we believe that 3D Printed miniatures and terrain can sit on a table next to any conventionally made item, whether it be hand made or injection molded.  We think all of these methods compliment each other, and want to see to it that people have access to the amazing models our designers produce.  These designers work extremely hard and are passionate about what they do, and their work deserves as much attention as possible.  We chose them because of their amazing work, and we want their models on every single tabletop.  We will credit each designer featured in our posts so that if you already have a 3D printer, you can benefit from this as well and grab their files for yourself.  And if you don't have a 3D printer, we'll have a link you can save so that you know where to get them on our website when you're ready.

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